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Who we are...

John Greene and Sue Stewart-Greene are “hands on” house professionals, home design and building experts who build and manage high quality rental spaces as well as work with clients to maximize the potential in their own spaces.

They own and manage Victorian buildings in downtown Hamilton all containing one of kind apartments. Each unit is unique, often containing artistic design features and creative use of space.  Greenestyle buildings are upgraded to a very high standard, with particular attention to detail and quality inside and out.   

Greenestlye is committed to “green” practises, in both building and property management to reduce energy and landfill. Project materials are recycled, restored or reclaimed whenever possible. All rental units receive green and blue bins and use our central recycling/compost system. We have reduced our “green garbage bags to the curb” substantially. 

John and Sue have a wide variety of skills and work extremely hard to maintain their high standard. They have years of hands on experience and are qualified in general contractor, home décor consultant, real estate, fire services. 

John and Sue are dedicated to downtown development and urban living. They sold their long time South-West home, moving their extended family on Bold St. making a strong commitment to live and work downtown.



Great apartments, great Landlords, fulltime on-site Property Management in the best location in the city. See upcoming apartments and tenant services for available rental units and our rental philosophy.



Let us help you with your space! Need décor help? We can help! Buying a home? Our qualified team will do a new home purchase consult. Learn more at "Customize Your Space."

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